Committee Staff


Jay Dickenson, Chief Consultant ( Claims; Communications and Conveyance; Transportation (unless related to air quality); Utilities and Energy

Annika Carlson, Principal Consultant (; Privacy and Consumer Protection; Public Safety

Natasha Collins, Principal Consultant (, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media; K-12 Education; Higher Education; Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy (unless tax related); Public Employment and Retirement

Irene Ho, Principal Consultant ( and Administrative Review; Banking and Finance; Elections; Emergency Management; Governmental Organization; Insurance (unless related to health); Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy (issues related to taxation only); Labor and Employment; Revenue and Taxation

Allegra Kim, Principal Consultant ( and Professions (issues related to health, cannabis or animals); Health; Insurance (issues related to health)

Nikita Koraddi, Principal Consultant (; Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials; Natural Resources; Transportation (issues related to air quality); Water, Parks and Wildlife

Jennifer Swenson, Principal Consultant (, and Long-Term Care; Business and Professions (unless related to health); Housing and Community Development, Human Services; Local Government; Military and Veterans Affairs 

Kala Tailor, Committee Secretary (

Kitty Barowitz, Assistant Secretary (

Contact Information:

Assembly Appropriations Committee
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Sacramento, California 95814
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